Sunday, December 28, 2014


1 // WHERE IS ALL THE SNOW? Oh, there it is. Great to see you again old friend. 

2 // I've been drawn in to the Harry Potter movie marathon on ABC family and am remembering again why I've loved these books and movies for so many years. Harry, Ron, and Hermione's friendship is so strong. Also, Hermione will always be one of the greatest heroines of our generation. I can't wait to one day read these books to my children and share the joy with them. 

3 // I've been craving carbs and decided to whip up this pasta I ate all of last summer. In case you were wondering, it's *almost* as good in the winter. It will always be better with fresh tomatoes straight from the garden though. What isn't?

4 // Me and my dad were driving in the car together and had a conversation of what our version of a great life would be and what it is to others. For us, we imagine being on a beach in Mexico, next to the cantina, with fajitas and margaritas flowing, no cares in the world. But for some people, they're just happy to not have to live in a garage or on the street. To have somewhere to call home. It gave me a bit of needed perspective.

5 // Future me will will be one of those parents who lets her kids win. My little cousin, who's about 10, was playing Apples to Apples with us and was the youngest player. He hadn't yet won a card and he was so excited when he put his in, he knew it was a winner. So I may have picked the card just because I knew it was his. He's just so dang cute, how can you not? (Also, it was a legitimately good card. Maybe not the winner in the bunch for me, but still.)

6 // Late at night, before the ambien has kicked in, as it is currently doing to my system, I've become obsessed with Vogue's 73 questions on Youtube. I don't even understand why but in my slightly medicated state, I imagine answering the questions that are being asked by the interviewer. Try it sometime.

7 // I've been craving a burrito from the burrito place (aka Tacos de Acapulco) in San Luis Obispo, where I grew up. In all my years and all my travels (ha), I have never found a burrito as good as this. 

Sunday night blues are setting in and tomorrow I'm starting a new job. Keeping my fingers crossed it goes well. 

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