Saturday, December 27, 2014


A little bit of leftover Christmas and some plants trying to enjoy a bit of sunshine in the snow. I'm enjoying these last few weeks of holiday break and freedom before starting school again. Hopefully, this time it keeps. It will this time. I've promised myself. In the meantime, I'm letting myself eat bowls of cereal and watch "Sons of Anarchy on Netflix until I just can't take it any more. Here are some links I've been reading in my random internet browsing lately:

Anna Kendrick: Life Coach.

Everything I know about my social life, I learned from "Seinfeld". At Christmas eve dinner, I may have proclaimed Elaine Bennis to be my spirit animal.

J.K. Rowling is unnerved by your crush on Draco Malfoy.

Harry Styles and Kristen Wiig danced on a table together.  That is a party I would actually stay up past my bedtime for.

Ways to beat the midday slump without caffeine.

Healthy habits for the new year.

Winter pasta recipes to satisfy my carb craving. On the list for tomorrow.

An animated guide to elevator etiquette.

Hair talk: the lob.

The Japanese art of decluttering.

How to care for your sweaters: 10 tips.

Mindy Kaling on friendship.

21 ways to take advantage of your 20s.

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