Wednesday, December 3, 2014


1 // Meet Calvin. He's helping me get in the Christmas spirit.

2 // Nyquil is my saving grace this week. I've been knocking myself out by 9 and sleeping all night long. My body needed it. I've been stressing myself out over the stupidest things lately and wake up feeling so much better. By the end of the day my head wants to explode but nights are heaven.

3 // I've been rewatching "The Hills" (yes, sadly, I've seen them before) and can't stop. The girls are so dumb and it's obviously scripted but has become a total guilty pleasure.

4 // Baskin Robbins pecan praline ice cream is my new best friend. A surprise gift of a whole quart made my entire week. During a particularly stressful day, when everything went wrong every step of the way, knowing it was in my freezer got me through.

5 // Patiently awaiting and tracking Christmas packages, making lists for each person, and seeing the Christmas spirit everywhere has gotten me in the mood early. I love the holidays and the snow and can't wait for Christmas.

6 // A daily trip to the hot chocolate machine in the cafeteria makes my work day bearable, but barely. I pay in quarters and the girls may think I'm crazy but I'm there every morning. 

7 // Tomorrow is Thursday. I will make it through this week.

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