Thursday, December 11, 2014


I am not a morning person. Part of me wants to be one of those people. You know the kind that get up with extra time in the morning. They watch TV, they make their bed, they eat berries while getting ready for their day. Do these people actually exist or are they just mystical people I've created? Either way, I'd like to be one. Perhaps, at some point, I'll make a real effort. For now, I'll roll out of bed with 15 minutes until I have to leave the house. 

Some mornings though, you can find me awake at 5 or 6, in my pajamas, uggs, and a giant sweater, driving my grandpa to the airport. I hate those days because by the end I am dead tired. I made the most of it this week though and showered and made myself a morning sunrise smoothie. I just named it this because I never see the sun rise but witnessed it that day. Creative, right?

Anyways, the recipe I follow is pretty simple, but gets the morning off on a good note.

1 chopped banana
1 strawberry yogurt (Tillamook is my favorite)
4 peach slices
4 strawberries
Protein powder (I use a Aria women's protein powder, just one scoop)
Orange juice
Peach keifer (probiotic) milk

I follow this basic recipe, adding whatever fruit and yogurt I have on hand. It's simple but always turns out delicious.

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