Friday, December 19, 2014


1 // Scenes from a nighstand highlighting my *apparent* obsession with sleep (ambien, melatonin, sleeping pills), hydration (Starbucks cold cup and caraffe for refills), and winter dry skin (Kiehl's and Cerave). 

2 // While doing my Christmas shopping at the grocery store, I ran in to my little brother's friend as I was leaving. We stopped and were talking and I asked why he was lurking around the floral section. He cutely told me he was looking for roses but they didn't have them. It was him and his girlfriend's 11 month anniversary and they were going to the botanical gardens. He was trying to stick to the botanical theme. Me and a grocery store friend helped him find the red roses he wanted and I headed out. Then I realized that my 16 year old brother's friends relationships have lasted longer than any of mine. Single forever, party of one, thinking about getting a cat now.

3 // My phone completely deleted all of my James Taylor, leaving me with only "Carolina on my Mind". A great song but I need my "You've Got a Friend". See above for reasons.

4 // Christmas presents this year are not coming easily. Perhaps because I am poor and all I want to do is buy boots off of eBay, but I ended up with a lot of gift card gifts. To make them fun to unwrap, since I think that's half the fun, I put them in boxes stuffed with tissue paper. I thought about putting rocks in so if anyone tried to guess what it was, they would be REALLY surprised but I thought that might be just a little overboard.

5 // After finishing "The Following", I pretty much don't know what to do with my life so I've been rewatching a few of my favorites that I actually have on DVD: This is 40, Because I said So, and The Family Stone. Also Stuck in Love on Netflix. I've watched it at least 5 times, and love it more after each viewing. I cried again tonight. It's that good. 

6 // Middle of the day naps and cookie breaks should be mandated. I haven't made any Christmas cookies, or baked in forever. Tomorrow, that will definitely be happening. Merry weekend before Christmas to all ya filthy animals.

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