Friday, October 17, 2014


Anyone who knows me know I love pajamas. Silk to be exact, in matching sets. My mom wore them growing up, while I was usually a shorts and t-shirt kind of gal but one night I ran out of clean clothes and borrowed a pair of pink cheetah silk Victoria's Secret pajamas and have never looked back. Mostly, my collection has been inherited from my mother. Even with my love of pajamas being obvious, I'm not a lounge around in my pajamas type of girl. Once I'm up, my face is washed, my teeth are brushed and clothes are promptly changed into.

Last Sunday, I had to take my grandparents to the airport at 5:15 AM (why does this time even exist?), so I rolled out of bed at 5:11, on went my uggs and sweater and I was off, in my pajamas, to the airport. On the way back, I stopped at Krispy Kreme, because I'm pretty sure they're the only people up and open at that time, and were calling my name. I came home and crawled into bed with my doughnuts and watched "Gilmore Girls" for hours, staying in my pajamas until late afternoon, when I finally showered to head to family dinner. 

This week was filled with baking, what seemed like endless trips to the post office, work, more work, and then lots of "Gilmore Girls". Some highlights:

1 // The Shopbop sale took me two days of obsessing over what purchased I wanted to invest in. I thought I was prepared and just wasn't. I ended up with a few pairs of black jeans that I'm hoping will fit and an impulse purchase winter coat. Honestly, I just want to find the perfect pair of black jeans. Is that too much to ask?

2 // After months of being caffeine free, except for the occassional coke, always at lunchtime, I stopped at Starbucks this morning because I was starving and craving their ham breakfast sandwich. When I pulled up to the ordering speaker, the cheery barista let me know it had been discontinued. DISCONTINUED?! How do you stop making such a classic, loved sandwich? Starbucks is now on my list. 

3 // Also, that morning cup of coffee made me pretty much become a jittery, insane mess, and ruined my whole day. So I think coffee is out. My body can't handle it. I feel as if I'm this completely odd mixture of an old person and a five year old who's body can't handle slight changes in it's daily routine. 

4 // Most mornings, I wake up and just hope that nothing breaks in my life. Cars, people, dishwashers. This week it was the ice maker. Dad had to be called and he showed me how to work the sensor. At least next time I'll be prepared. 

5 // Also, being a plant mother is hard. My fiddle leaf fig is slowly dying. I think I'm smothering them with too much love. Does anyone have any tips for keeping plants alive and healthy? I've grown quite attached to mine.

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