Friday, October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween! While not particularly my favorite holiday, it does usher in my very favorite: Thanksgiving. This week was particularly long and I was ready to fall asleep by 7:00. I hope everyone had a happy and safe night. The rest of mine will be spent in bed. Some links from this week:

I've had Taylor Swift's new album 1989 on repeat all week. "Style" is my favorite. Also, what happens to boys after Taylor Swift writes songs about them? 

Women with advanced degrees are having more children.

7 most common perfume questions, answered.

When cooking became competition.

An interview with Sal Perez, the costume Designer of "The Mindy Project". I'm going into withdrawal without my weekly Mindy fix.

7 things you're probably forgetting to clean.

Oscar de la Renta's best quotes about style and 82 of his best looks.

14 fall trends for 2014.

21 reasons Miranda Lambert is a badass role model.

How to make a hotel bed at home.

The Japanese art of decluttering.

What to read if you're having Gone Girl withdrawals.

Women share the advice they'll give their daughters about dating.

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