Wednesday, October 1, 2014


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In September, I made some big decisions about my life and am crossing my fingers a few things fall in to place, and sometime soon I'll be ready to share them in this blog. But first, October. The air is crisp, the first of many pumpkin pies was made this weekend, and the leaves are beginning to change. October is my favorite month, my birthday month, and I've decided to make it the month of me. 

My goal this month is simply to be me. To do the things that make me happy with no guilt. To pamper and appreciate myself. To celebrate the little things that make me unique. These past few years have taken it out of me. They've changed me, for the better, for the worse maybe, but they have changed me. I feel myself moving on, finally. And this month, I'm focusing on rebuilding myself. I'll be working on projects that bring me joy, spending quality time with my sewing machine, reading, cooking, family, and friends. And I can't wait. 

Happy October friends!

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