Wednesday, October 8, 2014


A few highlights from the last few weeks:

1 // Been eating chicken patties like they're going out of style, which is basically a giant chicken nugget. Time to get back on the actually cooking train.
2 // Dead flowers are being pulled, the garden seems to be dying at a particularly fast rate and will be gone soon. Why is September not considered part of the summer? It should be, fall really doesn't begin until October. 
3 // I've been stalking my boots wish list on ebay, hoping for a great deal on my favorite pairs, and stocking up on flannels, sweaters, and jeans for this winter. I had a major closet clean out and am feeling less cluttered, scattered, and just all around better at life. Also, many trips to the post office, because I seem to return half of what I buy.
4 // Rewatching "Gilmore Girls" on Netflix and realizing once again how completely in love I am with this show. I've watched the entire series a few times and every time I come back to it, I'm just as obsessed as the first time around. 
5 // My very favorite pumpkin harvest candle has finally come into season. 
6 // This morning, I forgot to wear bring my glasses to work and just about lost it. I practically need a checklist in the morning to not forget everything.
7 // If you haven't read Gone Girl, start it now, immediately, don't wait. Then go see the movie.  I don't want to spoil anything but Amy is completely and totally psychotic in a way that I completely admire. I don't know what that says about me. I'm planning on seeing it for a second time this weekend.
8 // I baked the best batch of chocolate chip cookies this past week and don't know if I'll ever be able to replicate their deliciousness. Planning on trying out a new cookie recipe this week, instead of falling into my go to habit of chocolate chip, since it's easy and I have the recipe memorized at this point.
9 // I've been living in my ace & jig robe daily. The second I come home, I throw it on with my comfy sweats and get to work again.

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