Monday, September 22, 2014


Earliest this summer, after much debate and a sad passing of my favorite pair of Sam Edelman sandals (may they rest in peace), I decided to take a chance on the Birkenstock trend and purchased these, the Arizona in black suede. The moment I put them on my foot, I knew a lifelong friendship had been formed. They were so comfortable, like I wasn't wearing anything on my feet. 

In high school I went through a phase where I didn't wear shoes. It was summer, shoes seemed like a hassle and I loathed flip flops, with no support at all and that sound that they made. Gah. I'm still this way, I hate that flipity flop sound. Me hating that sound is peculiar because when I was little, all I wore were tutus and those cheap plastic heels you get at the dollar store that were supposed to be worn with costumes but I wore them for everyday life. I loved the way the click clack of the sound when I walked. To this day, I still love the sound, only in a two inch heel, preferably attached to a boot. 

Back to the no shoes, I was working this totally crummy job in a sno cone shack which had its perks (free sno cones, no supervision, my friends and boyfriends could come and visit all the time) but also it's downfalls. I mean, I was making sno cones all day for little kids that wanted tiger's blood and tutti frutti. But I never wore shoes while doing it, because that summer, I was against shoes. I'm sure all kinds of health codes were being broken and looking back it was disgusting. That little shack was so gross, all winter long it sat in the owner's pasture and was covered in dirt and dust and sticky syrup was everywhere. But the no shoes extended beyond that, I walked around all summer with NO SHOES on. None at all. Disgusting, disgusting. Thinking of it right now, makes me want to gag. 

The next summer I found my shoe soul mate (little did I know, there would be many more to come): the Sam Edelman gladiator sandal. I stole them from my mother's closet and wore them everywhere that summer, rodeos, trips to the cabin, bonfires, late night parties, missionary farewells. It was the summer before my freshman year and my best friend Jon had just moved into his own house. All of us were shouting, "FREEDOM" and partied there nightly (and daily sometimes too). One night, in a state of, "what the hell is happening right now", I managed to lose the straps on my sandals. I looked all over for them the next morning and nothing. I sat on the concrete and cried outside his house, next to my parked car, at 8 in the morning, which I'm sure was a sight to see.

Which brings me back to the Birkenstocks purchase and this summer's shoe soulmate. I plan to never part with them and already am planning on investing in a leather pair for next summer. The first day of fall and the countdown begins.

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