Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Some things I'm grateful for lately:

1 // Having everything I need, no trip to the store required, to make the chocolate cake I've been craving for weeks.
2 // New episodes of "The Mindy Project". 
3 // Parking illegally and not getting a ticket. 
4 // Waking up to morning thunderstorms, so much better than my alarm.
5 // Hot chocolate on an almost no sleep, should have called in sick, everything hurts morning. 
6 // Quality reading time spent with a new book. 
7 // Using those fresh tomatoes from the garden (one of the last batches) to make homemade soup and bread. 
8 // No lines at the drive thru. 
9 // Catching up with old friends. 
10 // Ordering something online and having it fit perfectly, the first time. 

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