Monday, September 1, 2014


September is already shaping up to be a great month. My three day weekend was used to decompress, relax, and refocus on what I want. September is one of my favorite months. We have a few family birthdays, fall is just beginning, while summer sun still lingers. Hopefully those summer thunderstorms will stick around for a while as well. It's an in between time, between the seasons, and I feel I'm at an in between time in life. 

1 // Eat smaller meals more often. Too often I wait until late in the day to finally eat something or a plan that I put in place was sidetracked and I'm stuck hungry and cranky, making me a not so fun person to be around. Planning snacks and meals in advance, having a few things ready at the beginning of the week will save time, energy, and hassle later on down the road. And hopefully make me a more pleasant person to be around.

2 // Quit my caffeine addiction. I'm already two days in and I'm feeling so good about it. Not having to have that daily dependence is freeing. And I'm already adding up all the money that I'm going to save this month and splurging on something from my wish list. 

3 // Work hard: on my business, my blog, and my life. Bake every week. Take time to relax. Note the things that make me happy and rid myself of the stressers. Get enough sleep. 

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