Friday, August 15, 2014


Is it just me or did Friday seem to take forever this week? The weather was spastic (rain, sun, make a decision), I've been listening to love songs too much for it to be healthy for a single person, and I've eaten the same thing every day this week, which I'm planning on having again tonight (and I'm not even complaining about it). Tomorrow we're having a huge yard sale, which makes my OCD, minimalistic, clutter hating self happy. Here's a few links that I've been enjoying this week:

Started following History in Pictures on Twitter and can't get enough.

Jimmy Fallon spoofing "House of Cards".  Spot on.

Winona Ryder in the new Rag & Bone campaign.

Bust your budget for these five splurge worthy home items.

Why Jess was the perfect match for Rory. I smiled the whole way through. Side note: thinking of naming my next dog Rory. And also, why is "Gilmore Girls" not on Netflix?

Supermodels sans makeup.

6 ways for millenials to live for more frugally.

How to start stacking rings like a pro.

5 tips for fluffier pancakes.

7 ways you're making house cleaning more difficult.

Mindy Kaling's advice to teens. 

Mistakes you're probably making before 9 AM.

And Sofia Coppola's medicine cabinet. Because for some reason, every time I see it, it makes me happy.

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