Monday, August 18, 2014


A few thoughts and moments from my (much too short) weekend.

1 // I belted out "All of Me" by myself, in an empty house, at midnight. And it was the best therapy I've had in a while.
2 // Realized my hands constantly smell like butter and garlic.
3 // I love, love, love kids and cannot wait to have my own but realize whenever I am around them how happy I am not to have a human that I am responsible for 24/7.
4 // I memorize order tracking numbers. I barely memorized my social security number (it was a 1, not 0, I've been giving out the wrong one for years) but can repeat a Topshop order number off the top of my head. What does this say about me?
5 // I'm not emotionally ready to handle the pressure of being responsible for a major part of the family dinner. But I'm challenging myself and doing it anyways. And yes, it has caused me a ton of stress.
6 // Had a random stranger at a party say to me: "Hey, you sure you're okay to drive? You've drank an awful lot of water." Thank you, hilarious stranger, for pointing out my constant intake of water and dislike of alcohol.
7 // Was challenged to a 5k. Promptly turned that one down.
8 // I finally ran out of shampoo and conditioner at the same time and feel like a life goal has been completed.

Summer, stay forever, won't you?

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