Sunday, August 3, 2014


This weekend we're having a fiesta for my little cousin's birthday, complete with a pinata, fajitas, and of course, homemade salsa. We used all the fresh ingredients from the garden and it turned out delicious. Keeping it simple, our recipe can be used to make a huge batch (like we did) or a small batch for just one night. I have to warn you though, once you start making your own, you'll never be able to use store bought again. 

You will need:
Green bell peppers

The end result should be 1/3 red (tomatoes), 1/3 white (onions), and 1/3 green (bell peppers + cilantro + jalepenos). I recommend using this chopper, which will make the process faster and easier. Add salt and oregano to taste and mix well. 

You can always buy chips but if you're feeling adventurous, I recommend making your own. All you need is oil, a deep skillet, and corn tortillas. Chop the corn tortillas into sixths, and dip into the heated oil. Move around to make sure they're completely cook. Remove and put into a bowl with paper towels in the bottom (to soak up the extra grease) and salt. 

Homemade chips and salsa is one of my very favorite summer treats and a family traditions in our house. The recipe can be changed to satisfy your personal taste-- adding extra jalepenos, cutting down on the onions, more tomatoes, whatever you like. Hope you enjoy!

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