Monday, June 23, 2014


My weekend was spent outdoors, enjoying the official start of summer. I bought my first bag of cherries and spent the day at the pool. I love the seasons changing and while I appreciate spring, fall, and winter, summer will always have a special place in my heart. I love the heat, the sunshine, the fourth, the late light, everything. Some summer activities I'm especially looking forward to:

-- make salsa using fresh from the garden ingredients
-- go fishing
-- discover a new hike
-- cliff jumping
-- disconnect for a whole day // no tv, computer and phone put away
-- go for a bike ride
-- can peaches (I use them all year long in smoothies)
-- visit the farmer's market in Boise // I've been hearing for years how great it is but have never actually been
-- see a drive-in movie 
-- master the grill
-- make homemade ice cream
-- spend more time outside and appreciate the beauty all around me
-- eat out less, cook more 
-- take a road trip, ending up on a beach in California
-- bring out the rummikub to play on the back patio

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