Monday, June 2, 2014


June. Can you even believe it? It doesn't seem real. This month, I'm focusing on moving forward, on letting go, on setting goals, on rewarding myself and being easier on myself. 

1 // Pray daily. Prayer is something I've always struggled with but always felt would help me. Focusing at the beginning and end of the day on what I'm thankful for and the good things that happened. I hope to make it my daily anchor.

2 // De-clutter. Things and random purchases tend to easily pile up. A nail polish here, a book there, random things from my past that I haven't used or thought of in years but still seem to feel the need to hang on to. I might some day need that button from the skirt from J. Crew that I no longer own, ya know? It feels so good to get rid of and surround myself by things I love.

3 // Hike, walk, enjoy the outdoors. My mom, sister, and I have been making an effort to do something together just the three of us at least once a week. The weather is so beautiful, we need to take the time to enjoy it.

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