Thursday, June 19, 2014


I've been house sitting for my grandparents while they're in Nebraska and it's been the best, most relaxing time, kind of like a mini-vacation (while still dealing with real life during the day so vacation may not be the best word). A pool, a fully stocked fridge, lots of sunshine, and watching "Seinfeld" at night has made me a happy camper. Side note, why is "Seinfeld" always so much better when it's a sporadic, random episode found on tv and not a season on DVD?

I'm moving into my own place the first week of July after spending the past year living with my parents. I'm realizing how much better I operate on my own and not having to deal with the stresses that come with family on a daily basis.  I baked a batch of brownies tonight, which I'm sure will be devoured by the random pop-ins of my teenage brother and his friends. I haven't had a brownie in months and have already made two batches this week! I'm currently on the hunt for a homemade batch that compares to the Ghiradelli boxed mix, which is my all time favorite.

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