Friday, May 30, 2014


A beautifully written post by Natalie, about religion, changes, and finding your own way.

Thoughts on that wedding. You know the one. The one we're all ashamed we were so interested in. And i have to say, that dress was beautiful.

14 things successful people do on weekends.

10 ideas to make instead of buy. (#10 is a must on my list. Once you start, you'll never stop.)

For some reason, Ben Franklin keeps popping up in my life, and his 13 tips for happiness make me want him to keep showing up with his wisdom.

Ways to reduce anxiety, naturally. My way is usually just to pop a pill, which can't be the best for me.

Lindsay Meade wrote the "10 things she wants her daughter to know as she turns 10". I'm reminding myself of them at 21.

How to get that J. Crew model glow.

Mother Mag's with bekah stewart of A Well Traveled Woman.

It was a few weeks ago but this video of emma stone and jimmy fallon's epic lip sync battle gets me every time.  

The new trailer for "This Is Where I Leave You". If you haven't read the book yet, do, and laugh all the way through the story of this crazy family. Found on Emma Roberts Instagram, which I follow solely for book recommendations.

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