Wednesday, May 14, 2014


*coffee helps me pretend to function as a normal human.

Today, I went to watch my little brother play lacrosse and on the way home, had to run into the store for four things. Cantoloupe, shredded lettuce, diet pepsi, and diet dr. pepper. Four things. Should be easy, right? Ten minutes, tops. And that's with taking my time to stop and debate a whole fruit platter purchase rather than just the cantoulope (I decided no to the platter, though I'm regretting that in hindsight). 

I was carrying my wallet and had grabbed the the shredded lettuce and cantoloupe (I don't think i've used that word that much EVER), and then got to the soda aisle. I didn't get a cart. What was I thinking? I'm not exactly a graceful person (my family calls me the slam banger) and carrying that many things was stressing my mind into overdrive. But I figured out a way to hold it all and made it up to the counter. Success, I thought! No one was in line. Just me, the checker, and the bag boy, all about my age. I paid for my groceries and went to grab the soda to walk back out to the car. I then broke the package, the one that comes with a handle you know, and soda flew everywhere. In awe, the checker says, "i didn't even know that could happen."

While I cleaned up all my rolling pepsis, the bag boy ran to get me another 12-pack and the checker asked me how I managed to do that. my reply was, "well, I'm kind of a mess, I just try to hide it most of the time." And he said, "well, i'm sure tomorrow will be better." And just like that, I was sure too. 

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