Tuesday, May 6, 2014


A tad late but, this month, I will:

--BE ON TIME FOR WORK. This is a bad habit I want to break. I'm consistently 10 to 15 minutes late and always end up rushing out the door. I want to start by being on time and hopefully become someone who shows up early occassionally. Baby steps.
--Read more, watch tv less. I have a habit of watching Netflix in my bed at night, which makes it harder for me to fall asleep and also turns my brain to mush. This month, I'll turn off the computer earlier and read a book instead. (It doesn't help that as I'm writing this, Netflix is on in the background.)
--Cook more, trying new recipes on occasion. Maybe actually try some of those recipes I'm pinning all the time.

Things are looking up and I'm looking forward to dedicating a bit more time to this space. Some changes and decisions to be made but all in all, this month is off to a good start. Happy May!

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