Tuesday, April 1, 2014


01 // get up earlier and eat breakfast. my day always goes smoother when i'm not rushing out the door in the morning and actually get real food in my system. when i don't eat, i'm often tempted by the starbucks drive thru, while a completely delicious option, not a choice i want to make on a daily basis. 

02 // be on time. i used to be a very punctual person but over the past little while have become a person that is consistently fifteen minutes late. i'm making an effort to think ahead and be prepared.

03 // read more. i've fallen into the bad habit of watching too much tv instead of reading. i'm so much happier and more productive when i spend the last few minutes before going to sleep reading instead of watching an episode on netflix. 

04 // take more photos of everyday life. i would like to photograph more of my everyday life not only to document it but to improve my photography (which definitely could use some improvement).

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