Sunday, March 16, 2014


today, i'm grateful for:
--a simple sunday breakfast with cinnamon sugar toast and toast with jam (i couldn't decide).
--plump pillows and crisp, clean sheets.
--emails about sales at my favorite stores.
--wearing a brand new outfit for the first time.
--new episodes of my favorite show.
--the feeling when all my laundry is clean.
--passing a cop and knowing that i'm going the speed limit, and NOT having a panic attack.
--rediscovering "heroes" on netflix (needless to say i'm addicted).  it's funny how old the technology in shows from just a few years ago looks now.  claire has a cell phone she uses to call people, a pda for texting, and a beeper.
--getting off work early.
--fresh eggs, straight from a neighbor's chicken!
--rediscovering smoothies again (which is helping me kick that caffeine habit!)

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