Saturday, March 1, 2014


does all this rain mean that spring is on the way?

I've had a hard time sticking to goals lately. Life happens and things change. This month though, I'm focusing on little goals that hopefully will make a big impact… and I'll stick to!

This month, I will:

--Pray more. Prayer has a way of centering me. I've found using that time to reflect and be grateful improves all aspects of my life by helping me realized how blessed I am.
--Go to sleep and wake earlier, and at the same time every day. I've never been a morning person. In fact, I would recommend not speaking to me for at least half an hour after I wake up. But when I get a good night's sleep, my whole view changes.
--Limit my caffeine. In August of this year, I stopped drinking caffeine entirely. While it worked for a while (and stopped my headaches!), I've slowly gotten back in the habit of getting Starbucks in the morning. I'm using their app to limit how much i spend during the month and once my card is out of cash, that's it for the month.

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