Sunday, March 9, 2014


i've been struggling lately. i am a person that cares a lot. to the point that i honestly wish i didn't care as much as i did. i become invested in others lives, especially my family. their struggles are my struggles. and it's not the funnest or most helpful place to be. 

feelings and emotions are what makes us human. the hurt and the pain but also the joy and the happiness. feelings come and feelings go but lately, i've been completely overwhelmed by feelings of sadness and inadequacy. life is hard sometimes. it hurts. and i think right now, i just need to let it hurt.

learning to let go has been a hard lesson, one i'm still in the process of learning and haven't even come close to mastering. i can't change people's decisions or their lives. the only thing i can control is how i react. and while my first reaction is often to be angry, cooling down and trying to talk rationally (and like an adult) is especially helpful. and as someone who hates confrontation, this has not been easy.

i hope i continue to grow and am able to mentally separate myself from situations in the next week, and for the rest of my life. i can't let feelings overcome me and weigh me down. while i make my own mistakes, others are making theirs. right now, i'm hoping a bowl of cap'n crunch and a few episodes of "gilmore girls" will make me feel better. 

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  1. i love you and your beautiful heart! you're such a wise soul, keep caring too much i think that's wonderful.
    much love xx