Thursday, February 27, 2014


I'm out of space on my computer and camera because I haven't deleted anything since 2006.  I am the anti-hoarder in every way except when it comes to pictures. I rarely get attached to objects but if I feel like I could lose a picture, I may cry. Although, on a regular basis I tell my mom I get certain things when her and my dad die. It's like the episode of "Gilmore Girls" when Lorelai and Rory go through Emily and Richard's house and put post it notes on everything they want left to them in their will. 

These pictures got caught in the great abyss that is mislabeled file folders. I feel like the whole world needs to come up with a system of some sort so we all know where to find things. Because I file them away and then somehow lose everything. When i went through my pictures, I didn't realize that I lost whole days of the trip because they were labeled march of 2010. Oops.

These pictures are from a few different days: Paris, Florence, and Assisi. The weather was so gorgeous in all the cities we visited and I could have wandered for hours, eating and watching people. I loved being in areas where there weren't a ton of tourists. It was just people, who lived there, going to work and to the market. There's this whole other way of living. I can't wait to visit again.

Florence, Assisi, and the Vatican were three of my favorite stops on the trip. Maybe it's the Catholic school Mormon in me but you could really feel the spirit in the churches and the grounds. The faith was in the air. The Franciscan monks that told the story of Assisi to us took so much pride in their background and culture. In a society filled with the media, stresses of life, and comparing yourself to others, it's so beautiful to see a simpler way to live.

Do you see these cute little old men with their shirts off, just sunning on a river in florence? I like to think they've retired to the good life after being fisherman for many years. Where they are fishing I'll never know. And maybe this thought is based too much on Lena and her Greek heritage in "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants".

I need flowers like this in my next home. The brick, the wood, the plants. Everything felt so beautiful and alive in only the way a building that has been there for so many years can feel.

And lastly, the colosseum. Can you believe it was built 2,000 years ago?

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