Tuesday, January 7, 2014


a few months back, i read mindy kaling's book "is everyone hanging out without me?" in one sitting.  since then, i can't get enough of mindy.  in my opinion, there are so few role models for young girls to look up to nowadays.  case in point, i heard the best selling, most wanted christmas toy this year are these dolls called "monster high".  it's like the evil, twilight, weirdo version of a barbie.  like bratz on crack.  we need more katniss everdeens, jennifer lawrences, and mindy kalings.  women that are strong and smart.  

if you haven't watched "the mindy project" (it's currently on break until april, the perfect time to get caught up on seasons 1 and 2!), then you need to.  mindy is my soul sister and i watch her pretty much every night before bed.  it makes me happy.  i'm not crazy, swear.  

and once you're as obsessed with her as i am, check out these articles:
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