Sunday, January 26, 2014


i am grateful for the little things and reminders of how blessed i truly am.

--using the atm to deposit a check.  i've been going in for years and i didn't have to because i have issues with my bank tellers.  thank you technology.
--having someone drop off coffee first thing in the morning and being able to drink it while you get ready.  
--the other day, i was in the bathroom at a mexican restaurant and these adorable little group of awesome girls (they were wearing mini uggs, enough said) told me they really liked my glasses.  it made my week.  compliments from kids are the best. 
--fresh cut hairs.  less shampoo, less conditioner.  takes two seconds to brush and throw some spray on and we're good to go.
--getting lost in a good book.  i started "the fault in our stars" and couldn't put it down. 

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