Monday, January 6, 2014


the past few years have been a struggle to say the least.  i feel like i've been coasting.  i sit and i hope and i wish and i dream that things will change.  which is great.  but it's also not helping anything.  i've grown a lot and am so happy with how far i've come but i also know that it's time to change things myself.  the new year is the perfect time.  i've been watching life pass me by and it's time to change.  

this year, i'm focusing on the good.  on the little things.  on being grateful.  of building a life that's not perfect but one that makes me happy and proud on a daily basis.  i hope the coming year is filled with improvement of myself.  

a new year means a fresh haircut

 and a new journal

here's to 2014.  it's gonna be a great one.  i can feel it.  


  1. love. i feel so intrusive commenting on this, but i understand how you feel. maybe not exactly :) but very similar. you've always had a special place in my heart lovely girl. hope this year is the best for you

    Christine S.

    1. aw thank you Christine! you are so sweet and brighten my day every time we talk. thank you for being so supportive. i hope this year is the best for you as well! text me sometime so we can catch up.