Wednesday, December 18, 2013


When I first moved to Idaho seven years ago, I hated the cold. I was the kid wearing shorts with my school uniform in november, not my brightest moment. Since then, I've grown to love winter and the changing of the seasons. I don't know if i could live in a place where the weather doesn't change throughout the year. It's been in the low twenties all week but tonight the real snow is supposed to happen. You can tell the weather has wanted to snow so bad, it just hadn't gotten there yet!

All the trees have been covered in ice for the past week, with fog pretty much constantly. Everything looks so beautiful, even though you can barely see fifteen feet in front of you. It's like all the trees have been flocked just in time for Christmas. Hopefully this will help set the mood for the rest of my week and I'll finally begin Christmas shopping.

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