Monday, December 23, 2013


as 2013 comes to a close, i've been reflecting on the past year and also planning and making goals for the coming year.  i can't believe it's almost 2014.  where does the time go?  when i look back on my past and experiences, some seem like they happened yesterday while at the same time seeming like lifetimes ago.  i stumbled upon this quote and i felt like it perfectly summed up my current feelings. 

so many mistakes have been made. some big, some small.  feelings, insecurities, and doubts that sneak into my head, especially late at night and in vulnerable moments.  i often think "how did i get here?"  and even more often "am i who i want to be?  am i becoming the woman i know that i can?  would my five year old self be proud of me?"  and i am.  i'm so proud of myself.  mistakes, insecurities, past and all.  this year, i've worked very hard on truly loving myself and tuning out the world.  while i know that i can't be completely out of touch with them (i do live here), i know why i am the way i am and i make no justifications for it.  i don't need to explain myself to anyone.  those who truly know me, who truly love me, don't expect perfection.  

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