Tuesday, December 24, 2013


This christmas season has been a different one for me. Even though we decorated early, I feel like the spirit just hasn't really been there. The holiday season is a magical time, a time for family, giving, and the celebration of baby jesus's birth. Maybe it was because Thanksgiving was so late this year but I really feel like I could use another week to prepare.  

I just finished up my Christmas shopping today, picked up a few things for my ctable tomorrow, and spent the rest of the day baking with my momma and watching "The Santa Claus" marathon on abc family, which is one of my very favorites. I think everyone within earshot was annoyed with my quoting the entire first two.  

My siblings are all old now (the youngest is 14) and c\Christmas is just not nearly as exciting as it once was. None of us are married or have kids yet, so it's just us. It's so weird to not have anyone to see the magic.  In fact, the last five minutes of "the polar express" made me start crying today.  Christmas is so magical when you're a child. While we're enjoying all being adults (okay, adultish) and being able to eat a meal together and have a conversation, I cannot wait to have kids just for the reason of being able to help them see and learn about the magic. To see the nativity sets, the lights, sugar cookies for santa, all the traditions that make it the BEST time of the year.  

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!  

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