Tuesday, December 17, 2013


In a tradition that my mom started and has passed down to her daughters, we're lovers of pajamas. If one of us is having a rough day, we'll often swing by target and grab some. Because to us, sleeping in some clean sheets and new pajamas helps us feel better.

When I was in high school I bought my first nightshirt, other than the ones I wore when I was five with Pochahontas's face on them. Everyone I know saw me either in a towel or my pajamas during this time. All mine and my little brother's friends were pretty much there 24/7, along with my parents, 3 siblings, and their friends. It was really more like a frat house (it still is sometimes).  

Well, the nightshirt was ridiculed. It was kind of like a muumuu but also scandalous because boys could see my legs (gasp; I was the first girl in case you were wondering). That thing was worn so much it had major holes in it. And don't ask how I got holes in pajamas, I somehow manage to get holes in every item of clothing I own. I think i still have the nightshirt somewhere.  

When I saw this nightshirt at J. Crew, I just had to have it. And it was on sale! Two of my favorite things in one: plaid and a nightshirt. Happy Christmas to me!  

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