Friday, November 29, 2013


This week, I've:
--Cried while watching the "Catching Fire" trailer. I'm going to be a mess during the movie.    Katniss is one of the best women heroes and characters ever. And Jennifer Lawrence, she does our generation proud. 
--Gotten sweaty while moving boxes of files around the office. I think I maybe need to start working out.
--Decided that the key to my heart is through food. Especially krispy kremes, starbucks, and golden wheel burgers.  
--Taken too much nyquil. And realized why I love it so much. Best sleep I've had in weeks.  (reminder: try out this new zzzquil.)
--Decided that Mindy Lahiri is my soul sister.  
--Debated staying in my bed every day of this week. This cold! I love it but it also makes me want to never leave my bed.  

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