Thursday, October 10, 2013


First of all, a confession. About a week ago, I broke my no caffeine rule. After completely detoxing my habit, I decided having the occasional pepsi or coffee is appropriate. Moderation, right? That's what Dr. Oz always says. Everything is okay in moderation. Except hard drugs or something. Who knows. I think people just tell themselves that everything is okay in moderation to give themselves an excuse to do certain things.  

Today I needed coffee. So I hit the Starbucks drive through on the way to work. I was feeling that "it's thursday and not friday and you actually have to deal with people" emotion and needed an extra boost. When I got to the window, they told me they were so sorry but they'd made me a large. (A venti. I hate Starbucks language. Just call it a small or medium or large. What is so wrong with that?) They were SO SORRY. Um, why are you sorry? You should do this more often!

When I drink my coffee, I barely want to taste the coffee. And those baristas at that particular Starbucks know just how I like it. After my caffeine break (I used to be a regular), I came back and noticed how cheery the baristas are. ALL THE TIME. They remember your name, they remember your order, basically everything about you. And they are so happy to see you.  How does Starbucks find people like that? And sometimes, they've been there since 3 in the morning. It just amazes me.  

Here's to not falling back into old habits and that those Starbucks girls keep being the cheeriest people I know.

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