Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This past weekend was my 21st birthday. It's a funny age for me. I thought it would pass quietly since I don't drink and well, that's usually what makes this birthday so exciting, but it turned out to be a bigger deal than I thought. It was just a normal birthday on the outside. On the inside though, I really have started to feel older. It's funny, you technically become an adult at 18 but at 21, I feel like an actual adult. While I know how much I still have to learn and how much life I have ahead me, I have grown so much in the past couple of years. Things that were important to me then aren't anymore.  

There's people my age at every stage of life and while i'm not nearly ready for many adult responsibilities, I am ready to start building my own life. Over the last 21 years, I've learned how important it is to love yourself. I'm looking forward to making this year my best yet.

This year I want to:

--Pray daily and become more spiritual. Having a spiritual center helps keep me focused on the things that really matter.
--Begin an exercise routine. Try yoga. Enjoy nature. Hike.  (I've noticed my teenage metabolism has started to go. Or maybe i just love food too much.)
--Make sure the important people in my life know how important they are and how much I love them.
--Keep a journal. Write in it at least once a week.
--Be grateful for what I have. Actively grateful on a daily basis.
--Serve others more.  

Also, I'd like to:
--Blog daily.
--Build a business with my mom.  

When making goals, the list could go on and on but these are some changes and habits I'd like to make over the next year. I can't wait to see what this next year brings.

Cheers to 21.  

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