Saturday, September 21, 2013


Saturdays are the best, the very best. They can be spent however I want. No work or church.  I can spend my time cleaning, walking, catching up on tv, reading, knitting. I think you get the point, I'm a big believer in Saturdays. (I think they should add another day, between saturday and sunday. Maybe Moonday? Suturday? Honestly, we could call it Noday and I think it'd be a hit.)  

Anyways, on Saturdays, i like to do some kind of project. Last night, I may have downloaded Mindy Kaling's "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? And Other Concerns" on my Nook. I may have stayed up until one in the morning finishing the entire thing. (Technically making it Saturday…) And I may have loved it.

I'm a big reader and have been since childhood. I was that weirdo kid that was friends with the librarian. She would set aside books during the week for me to check out when it was our library day. I love memoirs, nonfiction, biographies, novels.  Basically everything except poetry.  

When I'm reading, I get drawn into this other world. I imagine the characters and become friends with them. I'm sad when it's over because I feel like I've lost someone. But I also think it's hard to find a GREAT read, books that just can't be put down. These connections are few and far between, kind of like when finding a best friend. Sure you meet lots of people, thrown together by school, work, or mutual friends. But every once in a while you find a BEST friend.  Someone who gets you, who loves you when you're not even really you. In them, you find a soul mate. And this is how I feel about good books, my favorites, that I come back to time and time again.  

Back to mindy. Of course, I've seen the office and occassionally watched "The Mindy Project". Probably two episodes? I was familiar with her. But this book made me want to be friends with Mindy, who is absolutely amazing. She's smart and funny and accomplished and truly beautiful inside and out. Oh gosh, I sound like a creepy stalker. Not only was her book entertaining, it inspired me to be a better person. Long story short, I highly recommend reading "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me".

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