Thursday, September 26, 2013


While I try to write (or attempt to write) on this blog often, I have never properly introduced myself. I don't particulary enjoy talking about myself. I hate small talk. In school, I never enjoyed the first day, when the teacher would say "Introduce yourself by telling everyone your name and something interesting about yourself." I would sit, wracking my brain, thinking, "What could I possibly say right now? Hi, I'm Marin Lindsay… I'm obsessed with salami."  It always ended up being something dumb, like, I like to read or I enjoy being outside. How lame is that?  

But really, I've become a strong believer in loving myself and being proud of my accomplishments. I am unique and I am great. And lately, I've tried to become a person that I'm proud of. The past few years have been rough, and I've lost myself, as I'm sure a lot of people do in the transition between high school and college. Somewhere along the way, between friends, school, family troubles, relationships, working, and becoming an adult much too quickly, I lost who I am as a person. I've realized how different I've become, how quickly the world got me down.  

I want this blog to become my safe place. A place to share my thoughts and the things that make me happy.

My name is Marin. Pronounced muh-rin. No long *a* sound. I drink more water than anyone you'll ever meet. I love my family more than anything else in the world. I can talk shit about them but if you say even the slightest thing that isn't "they're the most amazing person you'll ever meet", I will hurt you. I love my siblings like their my own children. I hold grudges (more than I'd like to admit.)  I hate the mall but love shopping (especially online shopping). I believe most bad days can be fixed with something good to eat, a nap and target trip. I hate exercising. It's a life goal to try yoga. I love summer thunderstorms. I love reading and movies. I fall in love with the characters. I hope to one day have a spanish-mission style home. I want to travel. I don't believe in wasting my time on relationships that won't last. I have incredibly high standards, which makes it easy to disappoint me (I'm sorry about that).  But I'm hardest on myself, something I'm working on. I have a list for everything (to do, passwords, things i want to buy, goals, etc). I hope to one day be my own boss and make my own schedule. I can't wait to have my own family.  

I'm 20 years old and I don't have a plan for my life. I know the kind of person that I want to be and am working on myself every day. I don't have it all together and I won't pretend to. Some days, I can barely make it out of bed. I do though. And right at this moment, I'm excited to really start living my life again.  

**me and my little sister in london this past summer

Also, while writing this post, realized #1: I need to take more pictures and #2: I need to take more pictures of myself.  

Welcome to my blog. This is me.

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