Friday, September 27, 2013


Today was good, for no particular reason. I slept in and went to work a little late but my desk no longer looks like a bomb went off. Organization win for Marin. My coworker made an AMAZING lemon cake with raspberry frosting, completely homemade. I usually don't even like lemon but man, this was like a little piece of heaven. 

I wasn't feeling my best today. I'm not really a girl that is like, "wow girl, you look hot" to myself in the morning. I don't have low self esteem or anything like that, it's just not really something I think about. Some days I feel like I'm rocking it, some days I feel like there's room for improvement. The days that I feel like I'm rocking it are my favorite days because it changes my whole attitude about life. I'm ready to take the world on. I can forget about that part of myself.  

But back to the main point of this, today I wasn't having a "rocking it" day. But I was stopped four times (4!!!) by complete strangers that commented on how much they loved my outfit, my style, that i looked beautiful and had a great eye. This is one of the things I love about Idaho, people are so friendly.  

Needless to say, my weekend is off to a promising start.  

Also, this happened.  Dinner at my absolute favorite restaurant Da Vinci's with these two.

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