Wednesday, September 28, 2016


With the weather changing, I've been looking forward to bringing out my knit sweaters, comfy pants, and boots. I'm always on the lookout to stock up on sweaters. I finally found out the key is to wash them inside out which stops pilling. Genius trick. I always lay flat to dry also. Here are a few things I have my eye on:


Monday, September 26, 2016


I've fallen completely in love with "Broad City". I know it's been around for a few years, so I'm a bit late to the party. Upside: there's three seasons worth of episodes to get through. Everything about this show is hilarious--the witty dialogue, the situations, and the way they portray female friendship. The show is from comedians Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson and chronicles the lives of two best friends (played by themselves) as they navigate their twenties in New York City. They make the smallest and mundane events hysterical and disturbing to watch at the same time. Plus, there's always great comedians popping up--Amy Poehler, Aidy Bryant, Rachel Dratch. Hillary Clinton has even appeared, as herself of course.

Here are a few of my favorite bits of the show:


Saturday, September 24, 2016


Another week gone, and I have no idea where it went. This weekend, I'm planning on setting up my desk that FINALLY came, catching up on sleep, and eating lots of good food because I feel as if I'm getting sick. Here are this week's ten things:

1 / Leonardo DiCaprio is selling his Malibu home. I'm in love. (With the house, not Leo. Although, if he came with it, I'd be okay with that.)

2 / At home with Danish photographer Ditte Isager.

3 / Excited to try Glossier's new serums.

4 / Gwyneth Paltrow interviews Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, of Girls and Lenny Letter. And Lena and Jenni interview Gwyneth.

5 / Thinking it may be time to replace my old ratty joggers with these cozy skinny joggers.

6 / There's a job where you are a spy for luxury hotels. This is basically my dream. How do you sign up?

7 / Is this the secret to facial hair removal?

8 / 10 things pro organizers always do before they go to bed.

9 / "No, my wedding is not the most important day of my life."

10 / Have been listening to NPR's new podcast "How I Built This".

Happy weekend!

Image from here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


The past few weeks have been a blur, generally of just getting through the day, if not the hour. I'm not complaining, having a goal I am actively working towards is the best thing for me and I feel confident in what I'm doing. While my to do list seems to grow longer and longer, I've been trying to take time to appreciate the little things in my daily life that make me happy and grateful. 

1 / Fresh clean sheets, always. Basically always on my list.

2 / New sweaters. 

3 / Scrambled eggs and toast. And actually having time in the morning to have breakfast.

4 / Taking the time to do a face mask and pluck my eyebrows. I become a whole new person.

5 / Texts from friends I haven't heard from in a while. 

6 / Finding beautiful homes on my walk. 

7 / Using the last of the garden tomatoes in the most delicious soup.

8 / Finding new books I love. 

9 / Meeting new friends.

10 / Being home alone and able to walk around in my underwear.

11 / New episodes of "New Girl" on Netflix.

12 / Finishing a week of tests with all "A"s.

13 / Spending time at the antique mall with a hot chocolate.