Saturday, August 27, 2016


First week of nursing school, done. I'm completely exhausted but completely excited at the same time. Being one step closer to a goal and a career has a calming effect on my life. This weekend I plan on cleaning my apartment, eating something delicious (lately I've been obsessed with chicken strips), getting caught up (and ahead) on homework, and maybe even sneaking in some personal reading, if that's not asking too much. This week's ten things:

6 / Dreaming about this sweatshirt. (Sweaters and sweatshirt, forever.)

Image from here.

Monday, August 22, 2016


The vintage Levi's trend has been around for a bit. It's been written about in Vogue, seen on the likes of current fashion favorites like Kendall Jenner and Gigi and Bella Hadid. Of course, my original inspirations were in the form of Hannah Henderson's Instagram (who has the best collection and wears them effortlessly) and James Kicinski-McCoy of Bleubird (between her instagram, blog, and instagram stories, the woman inspires me daily).

This seemed like a trend I could actually get behind. I hate wearing tight clothing and liked the *idea*, key word there. But bringing my vision to fruition was not going according to plan. As someone who lives for online shopping, where I can buy, get free shipping (and returns, if necessary), and try everything on in the comfort of my home, leaving the house to scour area thrift stores for the perfect pair seemed like a punishment. I tried this course for a while but ended up with nothing.

I then turned to online, scouring etsy, but ain't nobody got time for that. Of course, I ended up at my favorite Nordstrom's, which had just added Re/Done to their online inventory. Re/Done is a company that finds and sources vintage Levi's, and then lists them in the sizes you would normally buy. Makes everything easy. Right? Not so right.

Above is blurry pictures of me trying on these pants, because I know that is just what you want to see. Anyways, while part of me wants to love them, currently me and the vintage Levi's trend just can't see eye to eye. Back this pair went. And the journey continues.

Friday, August 19, 2016


Apologies for the silence this week-- it's been a busy one. I moved into a new apartment (FREEDOM!) and have been settling in and getting organized, along with my normal routine of work and life. Moving can be stressful, no matter how small the place, or how easy it seems. I also start school on Monday and had nursing school orientation today (!!!). Freaking out a bit on the inside. This weekend I'm planning on catching up on sleep, organizing my life, and getting a head start on my reading. This week's ten things:

1 / How a plus size model broke the body mold and started a cult skincare line.

2 / 21 tweets that will make you say "same", if you're a person who doesn't like people.

3 / T by Alexander Wang fall 2016.

4 / Winona Ryder, uninterrupted.

5 / How Phillip Picardi landed a major magazine gig by the age of 25. Inspiring read.

6 / Do you love your body?

7 / Five mental health boosting supplements you should be taking.

8 / Thinking about adding these boots to my closet.

9 / 15 college campuses with the best architecture.

10 / The best podcasts to listen to now, according to 9 it girls.

Happy weekend!

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Friday, August 12, 2016


This week has been a blur and I'm completely exhausted. There were highs and lows, which included a huge rock chip in my windshield after a much too long day, that resulted in a lot of yelling alone in my car. Sometimes, you just need to put things in perspective and realize it could be a lot worse. But also, yelling helps. I'm moving this weekend and school starts in just a week, so I'm hoping to spend some time enjoying my last bits of summer and freedom. This week's ten things:

1 / How to deal with anger in 60 seconds.

2 / 9 questions to ask before you get married.

3 / I've been dreaming of Paris in August.

4 / Why I'm happily unmarried.

5 / Alice Gao's Gramercy apartment.

6 / My cashmere sweatpant obsession continues.

7 / The power of one focused hour a day.

8 / This is how a minimalist decorates.

9 / Stretches you should do every day.

10 / Inside the world's most expensive hotel suite.

Happy weekend!

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